Solo Declaration
The Estabilishment of a Creative Cities Network for Inclusive and Sustainable Prosperity of Indonesia

Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at the Bank Indonesia, Solo

On this day, Friday-Saturday, October 23rd to 24th, 2015 has already held the meeting of the Indonesia Creative Cities-Regencies Network (ICCN, Indonesian Creative Cities Network) at the Bank Indonesia, Jl. Sudirman 15, Surakarta; this meeting was followed by delegation of stakeholders from 52 regencies/cities in Indonesia. The meeting that involve the representatives from Local Government, Communities, Practitioners, Academics, Non Governmental Organizations, together with the representatives of the Central Government which consist of the Coordinating Economic Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, and the Creative Economy Agency decided: Basic, Directions, Program, and Institutional which will be the foundation of the joint action until 2019.

The purpose of this series of activities is to stimulate synergies that open collaboration space between cities and regencies in Indonesia, in the development and utilization of existing creative potential in each area. This series of activities also aim to share experiences and inspirations in order to build the existing potential of the creative economy from each city and regency, also making it as a foundation for the cultivation of regional potential increase the inclusive and sustainable prosperity for the society.


  1. The Indonesia Creative Cities-regencies Network (ICCN, Indonesia Creative Cities Network) is a legitimate association of stakeholders in each regency-city who state to join and collaborate through a network of creative regency-city, together developing potential of creative economy at national scope.

  2. The Indonesia Creative Cities Network heeds the potential of Indonesia in developing creative cities at South East Asia scope so that together capable of acting at the global level.

  3. To encourage the leap of society’s inclusive and sustainable prosperity in the context of the development of regencies and cities through various creative movements in each region, a model that has gradually being developed to be implemented is "eating porridge from the edge" strategy.

  4. The strengthening act of Creative Cities Networks is done by involving all potential stakeholders on the stages of data collection and mapping, research, planning, implementation, evaluation and development, according to the role, function, capacity and competence of each individual.

  5. The Indonesia Creative Cities Network jointly support the cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders as well as the representatives of regencies and cities to establish an open and reliable market which will make the executants more prosperous with the basis of science, supported by research and development activities, as well as investing all resources, along with specific policy.

  6. The Indonesia Creative Cities Network is designed to be run in the first medium term until 2019, which will be reduced into annual national program that accommodates the activities and synergy of regencies-cities and multi-stakeholders programs.

  7. The Indonesia Creative Cities Network organization is an independent association organization led by 7 steering committees which represent key stakeholders, which are the representative of city, regency, private sector, academic, professional/practitioner, community, non-governmental organization, and work as partner of governments, including the Creative Economy Agency, the Ministry, the Agency and the relevant stakeholders at national scope.

  8. The Indonesia Creative Cities Network agreed to organize the third meeting in Malang, in cooperation with all regencies in Malang Raya on April 2016, with the main agenda of delivering assessment and mapping of independent potentials, opportunities and challenges of creative city development in each region, which will be the basic material for shaping the objectives, strategies, institutions, and specific programs in each regions, the collaboration between regions, national program and collaboration of creative cities network in South East Asia level.

  9. The participant of ICCC has set the official name of the Jejaring Kabupaten-Kota Kreatif Indonesia (J3KI) with the brand name; Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN). The presidium formation is on duty until November 25th 2015, and together in the cooperation with the chairman of definitive board, they will draft the AD ART, action plans, national and international networking; and prepare the meeting of Indonesia Creative Cities-Regencies Networking with the members of Irwan Ade Saputra, Makassar; Arief Ayip Budiman, Bali; M Arief Budiman, Yogyakarta; Tita Larasati, Bandung; Wasto, Malang; Witontro, Kutai Kartanegara; Jon Hendri, Sawah Lunto. The definitive board with the chairman of Paulus Mintarga, Surakarta will work for 2 years starting from October, 25th 2015.