Press Release Solo Creative Community Network, October 23rd - 24th 2015

Solo Creative Community Network
October 23
rd - 24th 2015

Indonesia Creative Cities Conference was organized simultaneously with Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN) Expo and the “Solo Polah Rakyat Bungah” People’s Festival on October 22nd-25th 2015. This series of events was supported by the Coordinating Economic Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, Government of Surakarta, Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Solo Creative Community Network (SCCN), BI Surakarta, and supports from various private sectors, communities, and Indonesia’s creative world practitioners.

The aim of these events is stimulating the utilization of creativity potential for the welfare of the community through creative economy development within the scope of cities and regencies level. The national aim is the establishment of Creative Cities Network organization, including the board of management and action plans in order to support the growth, development, and collaboration with each other just like what has happened in Solo-Bandung axis in National and International level. In local context, these activities reflect the commitment and collaboration of Surakarta quadro helix to have a role in National and wider scope.
Today, the embryo of national creative cities network will declare the agreement and commitment of the stake holders from 51 cities and regencies nationwide from all over Indonesia to have a formal and organized mutual network, with a target on the third meeting in April 2016, which will be hosted in Malang, supported by 3 cities and regencies in Malang Raya. This organization has formally established and consists of 25% the total cities and regencies all over Indonesia and having a role in International scope within South East Asia, and initiate the role as Indonesia’s economy backbone in order to inclusively and everlastingly prospering the community.
This meeting has once again prove that the quadro helix cooperation: bureaucracy, academic, community, and business; is capable to optimally stimulate networking power to horizontal and vertical stakeholders, also to consider the past and present strength for better future according to 10 principles of Indonesia creative city as approved on meeting in Bandung on April 26th-27th 2015.
Key Step that must be taken next by stake holders in cities and regency level is to do simultaneous self-assessment, with the support of BEKRAF, to proceed with the organizational and action plan draft with the support of at least 3-4 stake holders to join in Indonesia Creative Cities Network.

The national government which has supported all actions until now is expected to continue the support through knowledge development, international network, and other elements which stimulate the birth of creativity in all levels and quadro helix elements in Indonesia. Hopefully, together the Indonesia’s creativity energy which represents superior potentials in cities and regencies to prosper the society and reserve the sustainability of Indonesia in the future could be discovered.
Media is the fifth element that has important role to support this action, especially to educate the public, observe, assess, and distribute the success in order to accountably and transparently spread the appreciation of innovation and creativity development. Therefore, we invite the media practitioner to take part in providing the support in order to preserve the inclusive and everlasting development of creativity potential available in various cities and regencies in Indonesia.